acne treatment dxn and its causes And clean the skin from black pimples

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best acne treatment Causes of acne and its treatment

best acne treatment
best acne treatment

  and female acne is one of the chronic infections that affect the skin. It is characterized by the appearance of pimples, blackheads or whiteheads, pits and some marks that may become permanent. It affects the face, neck, upper chest, back and arms

The severity of acne may vary according to skin type. It is also not specific to a specific age group for males or females. Just as teenagers suffer from it, many adults also suffer from acne

Reasons for acne and its treatment ️

 With the help of DXN global supplements and products

Acne begins its stage when fat and dead skin clog the pores of the skin of the infected person. If bacteria enter the pores, the result may be swelling, redness, and pus in the skin

 For most people, acne begins in adolescence. This is because hormonal changes make the skin more oily after starting sexual puberty

Acne does not occur due to eating

 chocolate or fatty foods, but you can make it worse by using greasy products that clog your skin pores

Acne can run in the family. If one of the parents has severe acne, the odds of you getting it increase.

Reasons for the appearance of acne

best acne treatment
The causes of acne

Acne usually appears as a result of some different factors, the most important of which are:

Hormonal imbalance within the body. As acne appears during puberty, androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands to increase the secretion of skin oils, which exposes the skin to acne. Women also become more susceptible to acne during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, which is associated with many hormonal fluctuations within the body

Taking certain medications such as steroids and estrogens, which also contain androgens or lithium, any of these drugs may cause acne

Using unnatural skin products that contain chemicals that lead to acne

The best treatment for acne

Therefore, I found that the best solutions for the treatment of this annoying disease are those nutritional supplements discovered by the Malaysian Professor Dr. "Lim"

Which :

 * Reishi mushrooms

 * Spirulina algae

 Moronzi juice

 In addition to the diet that depends on alkaline foods of vegetables and fruits

Therefore, we find through the above report the reason for the failure of the good result - at times - when using some of the company's products that are used as external paints, such as tea cream, paste, soap, and cosmetics, because the problem is often internal. Most are very effective in many simple cases and also help a lot in some advanced cases as they are scenes from practical practices

best acne treatment
The fastest acne treatment

It is better to combine the food supplement in addition to the aforementioned fats to get good results and to treat the imbalance from its origin.

This is what many notice, and also clearly for everyone who continues to regularly take these supplements, especially reishi, spirulina, and murinzi, who finds and notices a great improvement in his skin over time, because these supplements contain effective essences

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