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  Health tips in Ramadan 

Ramadan medical tips
RAMADAN month 

RAMADAN month 

The month of Ramadan is the best month of the year, the month of goodness, blessing and affection, as well as the month of delicious and varied dishes. Therefore, the nature of the month of Ramadan presupposes a specific diet for each person, in order to preserve human health, it is assumed to adhere to the advice of specialists in this field, so through this article you will Here are some tips for this blessed month.

Ramadan tips
Ramadan tips 

Health tips in Ramadan 

  • You must adhere to drinking water in an appropriate amount of not less than eight glasses per day, and it is necessary to take into account drinking water at intervals of time in order to avoid the feeling of discomfort and heaviness.
  • It is better to eat dates before anything, because it works to fill the lack of sugar in the body during the fasting period.
  • As for the eating stage, it is assumed to drink the soup first, because this dish facilitates and prepares the stomach to receive all the food, and compensates for the fluids lost by the body.
  • You should make sure to walk after eating breakfast, someone can go to Tarawih prayer on foot.
  • Also, the suhoor meal should not be left out under any circumstances, and specialists advise that this meal should contain starches such as wheat bread, breakfast cereals and rice, and this is to maintain the blood sugar level for the longest time.
  • Be careful to eat food containing vitamins.
  • Salad should be eaten after breakfast.
  • Moderation in eating sweets after breakfast, the person is keen to monitor his share of sweet dishes and not eat them before bed.
  • It is assumed not to approach eating salty food such as canned food, nuts, as well as pickles.
  • The breakfast meal should be divided into three sections, the first section should contain carbohydrates such as rice, the third section should preferably be low-fat meat, and the third section you can supplement with healthier vegetables.
  • If you drink coffee, you should delay drinking it for an hour or two after breakfast, and make sure to reduce the amount of coffee per day as much as possible.
  • It is best to eat food as slowly as possible and to chew it well.
  • Make sure to sleep for a certain period of six to eight hours.
  • Sweet industrial juices should be avoided as much as possible because they contain a high amount of sugar without benefit.

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