Vitiligo treatment permanently2023

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 Permanent treatment of vitiligo 

Cure vitiligo permanently
Cure vitiligo permanently 

Cure Vitiligo After a long wait, the American University of the World Health Center launched the first treatment for Vitiligo, which doctors were unable to control, as we know that there are causative factors for this disease, which we will explain in a useful summary. 

Over the past years, he was treated with the aim of reducing its quantity in order to control it and improve the patient’s appearance with laser light, which includes ultraviolet rays, to treat vitiligo slowly. 

Opzelura cream for vitiligo treatment 2023

Opzelura cream is the ultimate treatment for vitiligo. This is the first treatment approved by the Food Administration, and it is the F1L drug for the treatment of pigmentation in vitiligo.

It is not allowed to use the medicine in more than 10% of the patient’s body, and it is not required that it be applied to the vitiligo spots, the medicine must be used twice a day, you need to use the medicine for 24 weeks, the medicine is expensive for those outside the United States of America.

What is vitiligo?
Vitiligo appears as white spots on the surface of the skin due to the skin losing its pigment, i.e. as a result of a defect in the liver and bile juice, and it can appear in any area of ​​the skin, but the arms, hands and face remain the most visible areas, and it has many effects on the hair and nails as well as the mucous membranes, and also affects on the body's immune system.

Is vitiligo contagious hereditary? 

No genes associated with vitiligo have been detected, but it is transmitted directly from parents to children, but vitiligo does not appear only as a result and delicacy, but rather because of environmental factors, for example: if someone has a genetic predisposition to vitiligo and is exposed to ultraviolet radiation or to some types of chemicals, vitiligo may appear, One of the biggest causes is as a result of fear, stress and anxiety, a defect occurs in the bile pigment that produces a uniform color for the skin and hair.

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