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 WhatsApp groups are one of the most distinctive features available in the WhatsApp application, as they are called by similar names, including WhatsApp groups or what are also called WhatsApp groups and other names that people call, and that WhatsApp groups are the best way for a group of people to communicate with each other in a room In the application of WhatsApp via the modern Internet.

There are many different types of WhatsApp groups, including groups that are private, such as family groups or close friends, and are specific to that person. There is a second type of WhatsApp groups, which are public groups that include a large number of people from different countries and races.

WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp groups are a room inside the WhatsApp application, in which a user of the WhatsApp application creates that group and adds members to it, as it consists of different types, each type of these groups is related to something different from other WhatsApp groups.

As the WhatsApp group includes a large number of members participating in it, and the WhatsApp groups had a maximum of 513 members, but the developers of the program worked to increase the members in the groups, and the WhatsApp group became accommodating more than 1024 participating members inside it or a little more.

The WhatsApp group also supports all chat methods and is almost like a private chat, but there is a little difference between them. The WhatsApp group can send text messages to the group or audio recordings, and we can create an audio or video group call, and we can also share files. documents and more.

But when the WhatsApp group is open to all members, because sometimes the moderators within the WhatsApp group close the group, and in this case the members participating in the group will not be able to send messages, but only the moderators can send messages to the group, and the members in this case can see that The message and they can also delete files such as pictures, videos and other files.

There is also a new feature in the WhatsApp application, which is interacting with messages in groups and even private chats, and users can interact with messages through various emojis, and more than 5 different main emojis are assigned, and the user can change the main emojis to any emoji he wants with it.

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