Usage Agreement

Usage Agreement

 Welcome, followers, and visit the themes blog

There is no doubt, our honorable visitor, that you agree to be bound by the stipulated terms and conditions, and you must review and observe these conditions.

Therefore, at the outset, we would like to draw your attention to some very important points that we ask you to adhere to.

All media and files such as photos and videos displayed on this site are his/her own.

So it cannot be used without the permission of the site owner.

These conditions must be adhered to and no visitor is allowed to violate the following conditions.

 It is forbidden to use the blog in violation of the privacy policy and is illegal.

 It is forbidden to spread hatred and insult others with obscene words and the like, because such actions expose you to legal action.

It is forbidden to post any pornographic content in the comments, whether it contains any kind of nudity or contradicts the teachings of the true religion.

It is prohibited to remove copyright logos as well as to prevent the promotion of all extremist, religious and ethnic ideas.

 The use of Comments with the intent to promote persons or organizations, private or public, is prohibited.

In the event that you do one of these terms that violate the site policy, this exposes you to legal accountability.  I hope everyone will abide by these terms.

Please view the Privacy Policy

First of all, your content must be an individual right, provided that it does not violate the terms and private rights

The Site also has the power to remove any of Your Content without prior notice.

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